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we are a vibrant dance space in Santa Rosa, CA, where artists can find the freedom to be.

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Beg/Int Preteen/Teen Jazz
with Heather

A technique based class that explores all the different genres of jazz in a light, fun and supportive atmosphere all the while truly learning how to execute movement correctly and safely.

Heather’s Class
with Heather

Like a jazz class but a la Heather style! Who knows what you are going to get on a weekly basis. Heather loves to read the room and meet the needs of her students and where she is artistically. You will get to experience the full gamut of what jazz has to offer from classical, lyrical, funk, musical theatre and contemporary. Some weeks you will also get to experience her process of using her dancer’s like clay and collaborating with them to mold unique pieces of work. She will also be encouraging and making available student choreography within the class time. Check out her bio to see what else could be in store. Dance experience with some technique recommended for this class. Diving Deeper would be an excellent compliment to this class.

Mini, Micro & Tiny Movers
with Heather

School Shoulder Mini Bag Ravel Bag Lock Red Pure for Banquet Top Girl Fshion Color Leisure Women Leather Black Backpack A fabulously fun technique-based class that will encourage imagination, expression, exploration and movement.

with Amanda

This class was entirely inspired by the request of our students of Synergique!  For those who find themselves spontaneously dancing in their kitchens or, can’t help but daydream of movement to a song that perks up their ears, this class is an opportunity to learn how to turn those movements into a piece with purpose. We will explore the infinite ways of finding inspiration for choreography, while also learning how to stage, light, and costume your creations.

Diving Deeper
with Heather

As the name implies, this class offers dancers wanting more, the opportunity to get into the nitty-gritty of dance technique, while building the strength and endurance necessary for show time in June. BONUS!!! Students will also learn the art of stage makeup, hair and costuming in the weeks leading up to the show.

Top Red Mini Banquet Girl Fshion Bag Backpack Black Leisure Ravel Women Bag Leather Color Lock Shoulder for School Pure with Amanda

What the heck is Fusion?! A very good query, and one Amanda has struggled awkwardly to answer in less than 5 minutes for two years now. She humbly asks you to refer to her short-n-sweet bio, and trust that you will have a blast, share some laughs, and be challenged in a way you may not expect.

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Fall Class Schedule

Starts August 20th!


3:40 – 4:25      Diving Deeper with Heather (ages 8 – 11)

10:10–11:00    Gentle Cardio Toning with Heather (Large Packet Single Totes Women Canvas Solid Shopping Shoulder Purses Casual Travel Zipper Red Bags Capacity z8W8Ufq)
11:10–12:00    Barre Toning with Heather (Large Packet Single Totes Women Canvas Solid Shopping Shoulder Purses Casual Travel Zipper Red Bags Capacity z8W8Ufq)
3:30 – 4:00      Macro Movers (grades 1st and 2nd)
4:00 – 4:30      Mini Movers (grades 3rd and 4th)
4:30 – 5:15      Beg./Int. Preteen/Teen Jazz (ages 11 and up)

9:10-10:00       Pilates Mat All Levels with Amanda (Large Packet Single Totes Women Canvas Solid Shopping Shoulder Purses Casual Travel Zipper Red Bags Capacity z8W8Ufq)
4:00 – 5:15      Fusion Dance with Amanda (ages 13 and up with dance experience)
5:15 – 6:30      Choreography Class with Amanda (ages 12 and up with dance experience)
6:30 – 7:30      Diving Deeper with Heather (ages 12 and up)

10:10–11:00    Gentle Cardio Toning with Heather (Large Packet Single Totes Women Canvas Solid Shopping Shoulder Purses Casual Travel Zipper Red Bags Capacity z8W8Ufq)
Pelle Leather Cross White Small Messenger Body Italian Genuine Handbags Over Bag Women Bags Shoulder Ladies Vera x1IwFq6Eq 3:10 – 3:40      Tiny Movers  (Pre K – Kindergarten) NEW! Now taking sign ups. Start Time TBD.
3:45 – 5:15      Heather’s Class (Teen and Adult with Dance Experience)


we believe in approaching dancers from the whole; connecting dance with life.

2018-2019 Fall/Spring Class Fees

Four Week Tuition
$50/mo: 30 min/wk
$54/mo: 45 min/wk
$60/mo: 1hr/wk
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$74/mo: 1.25hr/wk
$84/mo: 1.5hrs/wk
$98/mo: 1.75hrs/wk
$112/mo: 2hrs/wk
$126/mo: 2.25hrs/wk
$140/mo: 2.5hrs/wk
$154/mo: 2.75hrs/wk
$168/mo: 3hrs/wk
$182/mo: 3.25hrs/wk
$196/mo: 3.5hrs/wk
$210/mo: 3.75 hrs/wk
$216/mo: 4hrs/wk

Drop In Rates
$14 for 30 minutes
$16 for 45 minutes
$18 for 1 hour
$20 for 1.25 hours
$22 for 1.5 hours

Registration Fee
$35 per dancer
$45 for families

Payment Policy: Our tuition is based on a pre­payment for classes and is due upon signing up for classes. Tuition is non­refundable and will not carry over to the following month if classes are missed.

Payment: Tuition is due on the first of the month and late after the 5th. A $20.00 late fee will be assessed to all accounts that are past due.We accept cash, check (made payable to Heather Visser), Visa, MasterCard and Venmo (@Heather-Visser). There will be a 3% credit card processing fee on all credit card transactions. There is a $30 fee for each returned check from the bank.

How To Pay: Checks or cash can be handed directly to Heather Visser before or after classes or mailed to Synergique ℅ Tone Fitness 545 Ross St. Santa Rosa, CA 95401.

Please put in envelope with dancer’s name clearly written on the outside. Credit card payments can be made over the phone 707-­356-­8414, before class if it is the first class of the day or after class if it is the last class of the day or online by emailing heather.synergique@gmail.com.

Absence: We do not offer make­up classes due to your absence. Please leave us a message when you are going to miss a class. If an instructor is sick they will try to find another instructor, but if class has to be canceled the instructor will have a make­up class.

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Synergique Calendar 2018 – 2019

August 21st – Fall Classes Begin
September 3rd – Closed for Labor Day (tuition will be pro rated for this day)
October 31st – Closed for Halloween (tuition will be pro rated for this day)
November 3rd – Tentatively North Bay Dance Fest
November 19 – 23 – Closed for Thanksgiving Break
December 24 – January 4 – Winter Break (pro rated 3 week tuition)
January 27th – In studio Winter Showcase
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March 19 -23 – Closed for Spring Break
May 30th – Last day of classes
June 3rd – End of Year Performance!

Tuition Calendar 2018 – 2019

Tuition is due on the 1st of the month and officially late on the 6th.

August 20th – August 30th – pro rated to 2 weeks
September 3rd – September 28th – Monday classes pro rated for Labor Day
October 1st – October 25th
October 29th – November 29th – Wednesday classes pro rated for Halloween
December 3rd – December 20th – pro rated to 3 weeks

January 7th – January 31st
February 4th – February 28th
March 4th – April 4th
April 8th – May 2nd
May 6th – May 30th

Dance Parties!

Gather your friends and get your groove on for an hour with Heather.  Dance parties available for ages 5 and up. You can coordinate with Heather ahead of time as to what specific music and styles of dance you and your party goers would like to experience. Props, stage lighting and fun all included!

$150 an hour for up to 15 dancers. Additional dancers are $10 each. Contact Heather to book your space and time.

Drop Off and Parking

There is convenient drop off directly in front of Tone. Metered parking is available directly on Ross street, the parking lot in front of Tone as well as the parking garage at the mall. The charge for parking on Ross street and the Ross street lot is a $1 an hour from 10:00 – 6:00. Mall parking is $1 for the first two hours and a $1 there after.

What to Expect


Our first performance of the year will be in our studio on Sunday, January 27th where all classes will get to perform and share what they have learned in class up to that point. There will be two performances but with a bit of a twist this year. The first performance will be all classes at Synergique and the second performance will be the Teen division of Synergique performing original student choreography works as well as pieces from their class. Detailed information including costume fees will be sent out in November.

On Sunday, June 3rd at 4:00 we will hit the big stage at Maria Carillo High School for our end of year performance. Dancers in the Tiny, Micro, Mini and Beg./Int/ Preteen Teen classes can expect to be in one dance per class. Fusion, Choreography and Heather’s Class will have between one and three dances. Diving Deeper classes will not perform in this show. Dress rehearsal will be on the day of the show. There will also be an in studio dress rehearsal in May leading up to the show. Costume fee information for this show will be available in November.

Studio Policies

You wouldn’t show up to swim practice without your swimsuit, tennis without your racket, volleyball without your knee pads, right? Show pride in yourself and respect for your teacher by showing up to dance prepared. Here is what will help you be comfortable and successful in class:

Form fitting dance clothes such as leggings, a dance top or leotard that is worn under your leggings. T-shirts and tank tops are acceptable as long as they are form fitting. Sports bras are fine as well however, we recommend your skin being covered as much as possible due to the athletic floor work you will occasionally do. Most classes are barefoot but occasionally jazz shoes may be needed especially for Beg./Int. Preteen/Teen Jazz and Heather’s class.

For Tiny, Micro and Mini classes leotard and tights, leggings and form fitting top or leotard under leggings are all appropriate. NO TUTUS or SKIRTS.

All dancers at all levels must have their hair secured back and out of their face.

Red Top Shoulder Leisure Pure for Bag Leather Backpack Black Mini Banquet Ravel Women Lock Bag School Girl Fshion Color Please come to class nourished and hydrated. Do bring a water bottle to have in the classroom. Although Tone has a water machine, let us be mindful of our environment and save cups as well as our time. Absolutely no eating during class nor gum chewing.

If you are interested in having a locker space to store your dance needs let us know and we can make that available to you. There is a lost and found bin in the locker room for any items that may have been left behind.

Please be mindful that we share the space with essentially three other businesses. There is massage in the far back room, physical therapy in the room directly next to the studio and then private and group classes in the main area. It is greatly appreciated that noise is kept to a minimum and that kids are not running around and using the equipment.

Black School Bag Bag Backpack Banquet Mini Color Girl Ravel Pure Leisure Fshion Red Top for Women Leather Lock Shoulder Collaborators

together we are Synergique


We can teach dance moves till you are blue in the face but unless the dancer has a connection and awareness to their body and the strength to support it, there is no point. I am fascinated with the body and how unique everyBODY is. I love the continual challenge and connection I get to make with dancers to help them discover their full potential as movers and as beings. I use my classical dance and Pilates training as the base for my teaching but am not afraid to experiment, tweak and adjust movements and ideas to customize it to ones unique learning style and body.


When you have trained in and been exposed to so many different styles, genre’s, teachers and influences of dance, eventually, they tend to fuse together, and your body projects all of those experiences you have digested.  Instead of resisting that fusion, I have embraced it. I don’t do or teach a “type” of dance. I just dance.

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come inside

take a peek inside Tone Studio where we teach proper technique and help dancers achieve their full creative potential.


Have a question? Ready to register for classes? Simply fill out the form below and we’ll respond ASAP!

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