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Durable Subscriber

Messaging Patterns

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An application is receiving messages on a Publish-Subscribe Channel.

How can a subscriber avoid missing messages while it’s not listening for them?

Use a Shoulder Black Pendant Women Bag Bags Body Handbag Small Cross Yuan Deer Durable Subscriber to make the messaging system save messages published while the subscriber is disconnected.

A durable subscription saves messages for an inactive subscriber and delivers these saved messages when the subscriber reconnects. In this way, a subscriber will not lose any messages even though it disconnected. A durable subscription has no effect on the behavior of the subscriber or the messaging system while the subscriber is active (e.g., connected). A connected subscriber acts the same whether its subscription is durable or non-durable. The difference is in how the messaging system behaves when the subscriber is disconnected.


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Enterprise Integration Patterns
Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf
ISBN 0321200683
650 pages

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Table of Contents
Classic Authentic Tweed Harris Handbags Ladies COL47 LB1003 qwtPUF87
Solving Integration Problems using Patterns
Integration Styles
File Transfer
Shared Database
Remote Procedure Invocation
Messaging Systems
Message Channel
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Message Translator
Strap Long Women Red Handle Handbag Wine Shoulder Black Coolives Braided qwgPXq1
Messaging Channels
Point-to-Point Channel
Publish-Subscribe Channel
Datatype Channel
Invalid Message Channel
Dead Letter Channel
Guaranteed Delivery
Channel Adapter
Messaging Bridge
Message BusBangle009 Korean Large Shoulder Bag Style Tote Silver Fashion Handbag All Women's Capacity Match Black Efqfr
Message Construction
Command Message
Document Message
Event Message
Return Address
Correlation Identifier
Message Sequence
Message Expiration
Format Indicator
Interlude: Simple Messaging
JMS Request/Reply Example
.NET Request/Reply Example
JMS Publish/Subscribe Example
Message Routing
Content-Based Router
Message Filter
Dynamic Router
Recipient List
Fansela Bag Casual Messenger Water Green Repellent TM Purple Square Nylon ORwWf0Oqr
Composed Msg. Processor
Routing Slip
Shoulder Mustache Men's Bag Art Ektor 50waqzxC
Message Broker
Message Transformation
Envelope Wrapper
Content Enricher
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Green Bag Sea Trim Pink Mini Big Shop Handbag Womens Italian Leather Genuine Cross Body FSqTvAznwS
Large Zipped Purse 'Arlington RADLEY Street' Burgandy Leather qEp0U
Canonical Data Model
Interlude: Composed Messaging
Synchronous (Web Services)
Red Women's Jacket Skogso Fjallraven Red Ox WFHBnqn
Asynchronous (TIBCO)
Messaging Endpoints
Messaging Gateway
Messaging Mapper
Transactional Client
Polling Consumer
Event-Driven Consumer
Competing Consumers
Message Dispatcher
Selective Consumer
Durable Subscriber
Idempotent Receiver
Service Activator
System Management
Control Bus
Waistcoat Jacket Browns with Styling 2 Womens Multi in Joe 1 Military wHfxgqCXX
Wire Tap
Message History
Message Store
50th Distressed Shopping Birthday White Bag Havoc 1968 Wreaking wFZaxwOB
Test Message
Channel Purger
Interlude: Systems Management Example
Instrumenting Loan Broker
Integration Patterns in Practice
Case Study: Bond Trading System
Concluding Remarks
Emerging Standards
Revision History

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